Japan Forum0955-5803Taylor & Francis

Japan journal of nursing science1742-7932Wiley

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology0368-2811OUP

Japanese journal of mathematics. New series0075-3432Springer

Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology0021-5155Springer

Japanese Journal of Political Science1468-1099CUP

Japanese Journal of Radiology1867-1071Springer

Japanese Political Economy2329-194XTaylor & Francis

Japanese psychological research0021-5368Wiley

Japanese Studies1037-1397Taylor & Francis

JARID. Journal of applied research in intellectual disabilities1360-2322Wiley

Javnost1318-3222Taylor & Francis

Jazz perspectives1749-4060Taylor & Francis

JB&JS reviews2329-9185OVID

JBC Thematic Minireview SeriesNo disponibleBMJ

JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports2202-4433The University of Adelaide, Australia

JBIC, Journal of biological and inorganic chemistry0949-8257Springer

JBJS Open Access2472-7245Ovid

JCC Open2212-0149Elsevier

JCT research1547-0091Springer

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