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Abejas: por dentro y por fuera (bees: inside and out)
Houghton, Gillian
Rosen Publishing - 2004
En Myilibrary

Advances in agronomy vol 122
Sparks, Donald L.
Elsevier - 2011
En ScienceDirect

Agrobiodiversity Conservation: Securing the Diversity of Crop Wild Relatives and Landraces
ISBN: 978185938512
Maxted, Nigel; Dulloo, M. Ehsan; Ford-Lloyd, Brian V.; Iriondo, Jose M.; de Carvalho, M. A. A. Pinheiro
CAB International, - 2012

Allelopathy : Current Trends and Future Applications
ISBN: 9783642305948. 9783642426957. 9783642305955.
Wahid, Abdul ; Cheema, Zahid A. ; Farooq, Muhammad
Springer. 2013 -

Apples: Botany, Production and Uses
Ferree, D.C. - Warrington, I
CABI - 2003
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Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture, Food and the Environment: Safety Assessment and Regulation
ISBN: 9781845938109
Sundh, Ingvar; Wilcks, Andrea; Goettel, Mark S.
CAB International - 2012

Conservation Agriculture: Global Prospects and Challenges
ISBN: 9781780642598
Sundh, Ingvar; Wilcks, Andrea; Goettel, Mark S.
CAB International - 2014

Grain handling and storage
Boumans, G.
Elsevier Science - 1985
En Myilibrary

Grassland Productivity and Ecosystem Services
ISBN: 9781845938093
Lemaire, G.; Hodgson, J.G.; Chabbi, A.
CAB International - 211

Grazing Ecology and Forest History
ISBN: 0851994423
Vera, F.W.M
CAB International -

Handbook of Pollution Prevention and Cleaner Production: Best Practices in the Agrochemical Industry
Cheremisinoff, Nicholas P.
Elsevier - 2010
En ScienceDirect

Integrating landscape ecology into natural resource management
Kaplan, Daniel Mosheedited by Jianguo Liu, William W. T
Cambridge ; New York, N. Y. : Cambridge University Press - 2002
En Cambridge

Las aguas indígenas en Chile
Yáñez, Nancy. y otros
LOM Ediciones - 2011
En Digitalia

Managing Water and Agroecosystems for Food Security: Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture
ISBN: 9781780640884
Boelee, E.
CAB International -

Mathematical Models in Agriculture: Quantitative Methods for the Plant, Animal and Ecological Sciences
Thornley, J. H. M.; France, J
CAB International -

Microbial Biotechnology: Energy and Environment
Arora, Rajesh
CAB International -

Modeling Physiology of Crop Development, Growth and Yield
Soltani, Afshin; Sinclair, Thomas R
CAB International -

Nitrogen Fixation: Global Perspectives
CAB International -

Plant Pathology
Agrios, George Nicholas
Elsevier Academic Press - 2005
En Myilibrary

Productivity Growth in Agriculture: An International Perspective
Fugile, K. O.; Ball, V. Eldon; Wang, Sun Ling
CAB International -
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