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Validating Medical Packaging
Pilchik, Ronald
CRC Press - 2002
En Taylor & Francis Group

Validation Standard Operating Procedures: A Step by Step Guide for Achieving Compliance in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotech Industries
Haider, Syed Imtiaz
Informa Healthcare - 2001
En Taylor & Francis Group

Valores y ética empresarial
Sanagustín Fons, María Victoria
Trotta - 2011
En Digitalia

Value Engineering: Analysis And Methodology
Younker, Del
CRC Press - 2003
En Taylor & Francis Group

Value-Added Services for Next Generation Networks
Van de Velde, Thierry
Auerbach Publications  - 2007
En Taylor & Francis Group

Valve Amplifiers (Fourth Edition)
Jones, Morgan
Elsevier - 2012
En ScienceDirect

Vapor Compression Heat Pumps with Refrigerant Mixtures
Radermacher, Reinhard
CRC Press - 2005
En Taylor & Francis Group

Variable compleja
ISBN: 9781456205195
Spiegel, Murray R.
MCGraw-Hill Interamericana Editores - 2011

Variable compleja (2a. ed.)
ISBN: 9781456214654
Spiegel, Murray R. (2011)
McGraw-Hill Interamericana - 2011

Variance Components
Searle,Shayle R. - Casella, George - McCulloch, Charles E.
John Wiley & Sons - 2008
En Wiley on Line

Vaughan y Asbury: oftalmología general, 18a edición
ISBN: 9781456214432
Riordan-Eva, Paul Cunningham, Emmett T.
McGraw-Hill Interamericana - 2012
En Ebook Central - ProQuest

Vegetable Seed Production
ISBN: 9781845935214
George, R. A. T.
CABI - 2009

Vehicle Crash Mechanics
Huang, Matthew
CRC Press - 2002
En Taylor & Francis Group

Vehicle Stability
Karnopp, Dean
CRC Press - 2004
En Taylor & Francis Group

Vehicular Networks: From Theory to Practice
Olariu, Stephan
Chapman and Hall / CRC - 2009
En Taylor & Francis Group

Vehicular Networks: Techniques, Standards, and Applications
Moustafa, Hassnaa
Auerbach Publications  - 2009
En Taylor & Francis Group

Vein Pattern Recognition: A Privacy-Enhancing Biometric
Wilson, Chuck
CRC Press - 2010
En Taylor & Francis Group

Velocity Management in Logistics and Distribution: Lessons from the Military to Secure the Speed of Business
Walden, Joseph L
CRC Press - 2005
En Taylor & Francis Group

Very Soft Organic Clay Applied for Road Embankment: Modelling and Optimisation Approach, UNESCO-IHE PhD, Delft, the Netherlands
Limsiri, C.
Taylor & Francis  - 2008
En Taylor & Francis Group

Veterinary epidemiology
ISBN: 9780632063970
Michael Thrusfield
John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated - 2007
En Ebook Central - ProQuest
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