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A Shock-Fitting Primer
ISBN: 9781439807590
Manuel D. Salas
CRC Press - 2009
En Taylor & Francis Group

B. F. Skinner: A life.
ISBN: 0465006116
Bjork, Daniel W.
APA - 1997

Biología celular e histología, 7a edición
ISBN: 9788416004676
Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - 2015
En OvidEspañol

SAE and the Evolved Packet Core : Driving the Mobile Broadband Revolution
ISBN: 9780123748263
Magnus Olsson Shabnam Sultana Stefan Rommer Lars Frid Catherine Mulligan
Elsevier - 2009
En ScienceDirect

Safer Complex Industrial Environments : A Human Factors Approach
ISBN: 9781420092493
Erik Hollnagel
CRC Press - 2009
En Taylor & Francis Group

Safety Analysis : Principles and Practice in Occupational Safety
ISBN: 9780203302736
Lars Harms-Ringdahl
CRC Press  - 2003
En Taylor & Francis Group

Safety and Reliability of Bridge Structures
ISBN: 9780203861585
Khaled Mahmoud
CRC Press  - 2009
En Taylor & Francis Group

Safety and Reliability of Industrial Products, Systems and Structures
ISBN: 9780203818657
Carlos Guedes Soares
CRC Press  - 2010
En Taylor & Francis Group

Safety Critical Systems Handbook : A Straightforward Guide to Functional Safety, IEC 61508 (2010 Edition) and Related Standards, Including Process IEC 61511 and Machinery IEC 62061 and ISO 13849
ISBN: 9780080967813
David J. Smith and Kenneth G.L. Simpson
Elsevier - 2011
En ScienceDirect

Safety Culture in Nuclear Power Operations
ISBN: 9780203302156
Bernhard Wilpert, Naosuke Itoigawa
CRC Press  - 2001
En Taylor & Francis Group

Safety, Health, and Environmental Auditing : A Practical Guide
ISBN: 9781439829486
Simon Watson Pain
CRC Press  - 2010
En Taylor & Francis Group

Sampling Methods, Remote Sensing and GIS Multiresource Forest Inventory
ISBN: 9783540325727
Michael Köhl, Steen S. Magnussen, and Marco Marchetti
Springer - 2006
En Ebook Central - ProQuest

Satellite and Terrestrial Radio Positioning Techniques : A signal processing perspective
ISBN: 9780123820846
Davide Dardari Emanuela Falletti Marco Luise
Elsevier - 2011
En ScienceDirect

Satellite Communication Engineering
ISBN: 9780203910283
Michael Olorunfunmi Kolawole
CRC Press  - 2002
En Taylor & Francis Group

Satellite Geodesy : Foundations, Methods, and Applications, 2a edición
ISBN: 9783110200089
Gunter Seeber
De Gruyter - 2003

Satellite Monitoring of Inland and Coastal Water Quality : Retrospection, Introspection, Future Directions
ISBN: 9781420037616
Robert P. Bukata
CRC Press  - 2005
En Taylor & Francis Group

Satellite Systems Engineering in an IPv6 Environment
ISBN: 9781420078695
Daniel Minoli
Auerbach Publications  - 2009
En Taylor & Francis Group

Sauer Manual de Enfermedades de la Piel, 9a edición
ISBN: 9788493531898
John C. Hall
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - 2008
En OvidEspañol

Scalable and Secure Internet Services and Architecture
ISBN: 9781420035209
Cheng-Zhong Xu
Chapman and Hall/CRC - 2005
En Taylor & Francis Group

Schaechter Mecanismos de las Enfermedades Microbianas, 5a edición
ISBN: 9788415684084
N. Cary Engleberg, Victor J. DiRita, Terence S. Dermody
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - 2013
En OvidEspañol
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