Library Profile

Bibliotecas UdeC is a network of libraries and collections located in the cities of Concepción, Chillán, and Los Angeles. Its services - both face to face and virtual - are designed to meet the information needs of all segments of the university community.

Bibliotecas UdeC contributes to the mission of the University of Concepción, ensuring quality experiences in the discovery, access to and use of information, anytime, anywhere, and in any format. It also provides physical spaces to encourage reflection, intellectual exploration and academic interaction.

Its many services include:

Spaces for individual and group study in all its libraries.

Internet access and Wi-Fi for PCs and mobile devices.

Borrowing of books, journals, e-book reader devices, personal computers, and scientific & financial calculators.

Guidance and reference services online.

Local and remote access to our digital collection.

A wide range of group training sessions in different venues with the main focus on enhancing the information literacy skills of all students, faculty, and staff at the Universidad de Concepción.

You can find more information in our annual reports.