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Títulos de la A a la Z


A course in group theory / John F. Humphreys.
A manual of acarology / G. W. Krantz and D. E. Walter, editors.
Advances in the study of gas hydrates / edited by Charles E. Taylor and Jonathan T. Kwan.
An introduction to bioinformatics algorithms / by Neil C. Jones and Pavel A. Pevzner.
An introduction to functional analysis / Charles Swartz.
An introduction to medicinal chemistry / Graham L. Patrick.
An introduction to the chemistry of the sea / Michael E.Q. Pilson.
Applications of flow cytometry in stem cell research and tissue regeneration / edited by Awtar Krish.


Bioactive food proteins and peptides : applications in human health / edited by Navam S. Hettiarachc.
Biofuels engineering process technology / Caye M. Drapcho, Nghiem Phu Nhuan, Terry H. Walker.
Bioinformatics for biologists / edited by Pavel Pevzner and Ron Shamir.
Biorefineries - industrial processes and products : status quo and future directions / edited by Bir.


Catálogo de las plantas vasculares de Bolivia / Peter Møller Jørgensen, Michael Harley Nee y Step.
Cellular and molecular immunology / Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman, Shiv Pillai.
Cellular and molecular pathobiology of cardiovascular disease / edited by Monte S. Willis, MD, PhD.
Chemical biology in regenerative medicine : bridging stem cell and future therapies / edited by Char.
Chemometrics : statistics and computer application in analytical chemistry / Matthias Otto.
Commutative algebra with a view toward algebraic geometry / David Eisenbud.


Ecology / Michael L. Cain, Bowdoin College, William D. Bowman, University of Colorado, Sally D. Hack.
Ecology and evolution of parasitism / edited by Frédéric Thomas, Jean-François Guégan and Franç.
Environmental geochemistry / edited by Barbara Sherwood Lollar.
Environmental geology / Edward A. Keller.
Essentials of conservation biology / Richard B. Primack.
Ética práctica / Peter Singer ; traducción de Rafael Herrera Bonet.
Evolution / Douglas J. Futuyma.
Evolutionary parasitology : the integrated study of infections, immunology, ecology, and genetics.


Forecasting, structural time series models, and the Kalman filter / Andrew Harvey.
Fundamentals of ecotoxicology / Michael C. Newman.
Fundamentals of inhomogeneous fluids / edited by Douglas Henderson.


Generalized linear and nonlinear models for correlated data : theory and applications using SAS / Ed.
Generalized linear models / P. McCullagh and J.A. Nelder.
Geodynamic processes in the Andes of central Chile and Argentina / edited by S. A. Sepúlveda.
Geostatistics for natural resources evaluation / Pierre Goovaerts.
Graphene : fundamentals and emergent applications / Jamie H. Warner, Franziska Schäffel, Alicja Bac.
Ground and surface water hydrology / Larry W. Mays.
Groundwater hydrology of springs : engineering, theory, management, and sustainability / edited by N.


Hakes : biology and exploitation / edited by Hugo Arancibia.
Handbook of encapsulation and controlled release /edited by Munmaya Mishra
Homology theory : an introduction to algebraic topology / James W. Vick.


Immunotherapy of cancer / edited by Xiang-Yang Wang, Paul B. Fisher.
Ingeniería de ríos / Juan P. Martín Vide.
Introduction to smooth manifolds / John M. Lee.


Kuby immunology / Judith A. Owen, Jenni Punt, Sharon A. Stranford; with contributions by Patricia P.


Lactic acid bacteria :microbiological and functional aspects /editors: Sampo Lahtinen, Arthur C. Ouwehand, Seppo Salminen, Atte von Wright.


Marine ecology : processes, systems, and impacts / Michel J. Kaiser ... (y otros nueve).
Mathematical logic / Joseph Shoenfield.
Microalgae :biotechnology and microbiology /E.W. Becker..
Modern blast furnace ironmaking : an introduction / Maarten Geerdes, Hisko Toxopeus, Cor ven der Vli.
Molecular biology of the gene / James D. Watson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Tania A. Baker, Mass.
Molecular dynamics : from classical to quantum methods / edited by Perla B. Balbuena and Jorge M. Se
Molecular evolution : a statistical approach / Ziheng Yang.


Nucleic acids as molecular diagnostics / edited by Andreas Keller and Eckart Meese.


Observation and ecology : broadening the scope of science to understand a complex world / Rafe Sagar


Parasitism : the diversity and ecology of animal parasites / Timothy M. Goater.
Philosophy in the flesh : the embodied mind and its challenge to Western thought / George Lakoff and.
Phylogenetics : theory and practice of phylogenetics systematics / edited by E.O. Wiley & Bruce S. L.
Phylogeography : concepts, intraspecific patterns, and speciation processes / Damien S. Rutgers.
Plant physiology and development / editors: Lincoln Taiz.
El problema de la identidad personal :más que fragmentos /Mariano Rodríguez González.
Proteomic and metabolomic approaches to biomarker discovery / edited by Haleem J. Issaq, Timothy D.


Química enológica /Juan J. Moreno Vigara, Rafael A. Peinado Amores. (2010)


Razones y personas / Derek Parfit ; traducción y estudio introductorio de Mariano Rodríguez Gonzá.
Relict species : phylogeography and conservation biology / Jan Christian Habel, Thorsten Assmann, ed.
Rotor dynamics/ J.S. Rao.


Sedimentation engineering : processes, measurements, modeling, and practice / edited by Marcelo H. G.
Statistical decision theory and Bayesian analysis / James O. Berger.
Statistics for ecologists using R and Excel : data collection, exploration, analysis and presentatio.
Statistics for sensory and consumer science / Tormod Næs and Per B. Brockhoff and Oliver Tomic.
Stem cell and gene therapy for cardiovascular disease / edited by Emerson C. Perin, Leslie W. Miller.
Stock identification methods : applications in fishery science / edited by Steven X. Cadrin..
Structured parallel programing : patterns for efficient computation / Michael McCool, Arch D. Robiso.
Studies on redox behaviour of some pharmaceuticals : electrochemical determination of pharmaceutical..
Sustainable practices in surface and subsurface micro irrigation / edited by Megh R. Goyal..
Systematics : a course of lectures / Ward C. Wheeler..


Technology roadmapping for strategy and innovation :charting the route to success /[edited by] Martin G. Moehrle, Ralf Isenmann, Robert Phaal.
The families and genera of vascular plants / Edited by K. Kubitzki.
The Medici effect :what elephants and epidemics can teach us about innovation /Frans Johansson.
The molecular biology and biochemistry of fruit ripening / edited by Graham B. Seymour ... [y otros].
The physics of glaciers /K.M. Cuffey, W.S.B. Paterson.


Unlocking the emotional brain : eliminating symptoms at their roots using memory reconsolidation /.


Voltammetric techniques for the analysis of pharmaceuticals : electrochemical studies on some compou.


Wastewater treatment plant design handbook / prepared by the Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Handb.
Water in confining geometries / Victoria Buch, J. Paul Devlin, eds..